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Need help with your tax?

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Be it company tax relief or capital gains tax - ask our professional Chartered Accountant and Tax specialist here at Bryars & Co. Chartered Accountants in Stockbridge, Hampshire

We also provide a wide range of accounting and tax services for buinesses and individuals.

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Tax planning for business and individuals

Proper tax planning could save yo, your family or your business very substantial sums. We can help in protecting your assets from the taxman.

We have extensive knowledge of tax planning for companies, partnerships, sole traders and private individuals.

We have never believed in, or had anything to do with marketing tax schemes to our clients where the schemes are of dubious efficacy or are likely to be challenged by HMRC.  

A number of our clients live abroad, or are domiciled abroad, and so you can be rest assured we are familiar with the complexities of tax in this area.

We have a wide range of reference sources and access to specialist advice in difficult or unusual cases. Needless to say, we try not to carry out unnecessary work where the cost in fees will outweigh any saving in tax.

Tax planning specialist

We try to point out easy methods of saving tax whenever we carry out routine tax work. Contrary to some expectations, there is no magic wand to save tax for every client, but we do try our best. We also carry out tax planning in much greater depth in specific circumstances, for example when changing a business or selling a business. Our aim is to give worthwhile advice and always to advise clients if we think that any possible savings are going to be outweighed by the costs of obtaining or implementing the advice.

HMRC enquiries

Regrettably, enquiries by the HMRC into tax returns occur, and this trend is likely to continue. We have experience of handling quite complex enquiries on behalf of clients. We think that the best policy is to try to avoid enquiries. This can best be done by ensuring returns are submitted on time, are as accurate as possible and provide explanations for any obvious areas where enquiries are likely to arise.

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