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Setting Up a New Business?

Are you forming a new business and need help?

It is important for those starting in business to get proper advice. It is not necessary to go to an accountant; there are other sources. However we naturally think that going to chartered accountant is the best bet as many of the problems relate to tax and VAT.

We have helped many people to set up in business. Please contact us to see how we can help you set up your new business.

Most people find that they need practical assistance with the forms involved in setting up a new business, and this we are able to give you.

The question of whether it might be better to set up as a sole trader or partnership rather than as a limited company is best discussed with a professional, such as us.

There can be good business reasons for setting up as a company. The decision is often not as clear cut as the Sunday papers make out and we think it is sensible to discuss individual circumstances with a professional before making up your mind. We are of course happy to help with this.

As with all our services, we will provide as much or as little assistance as each client requires.

The areas where help is typically required are:

  • Forming and setting up a company,
  • Setting up a PAYE scheme for salaries, including those of directors.
  • Registering for VAT and advising whether and when this is necessary. It is sometimes possible to save modest but worthwhile amounts of VAT by legitimately delaying registration; in other cases early registration may be advisable,
  • Registering of the self-employed with HMRC for tax and National Insurance
  • Producing business plans and cash flow forecasts where required,
  • Advice and assistance with record keeping for accounts.
  • Advising on partnership agreements

Need help with tax?

Looking for an accountant to help with your tax?

Be it company tax relief, capital gains tax - ask our Chartered Accountant and Tax specialist

We welcome you to contact us to see how we can assist with your tax - whether for business or personal as we have extensive knowledge of tax for companies, partnerships, sole traders, trusts and private individuals alike.

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