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Need help with your tax?

Need help with your tax?

Be it company tax relief, capital gains tax - ask our professional Chartered Accountant and Tax specialist

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We welcome you to contact us to see how we can assist with your tax - whether for business or personal as we have extensive knowledge of tax for companies, partnerships, sole traders, trusts and private individuals alike.

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Tax Services for business and individuals

tax man tax servicesWe have extensive knowledge of tax for companies, partnerships, sole traders, trusts and private individuals. A number of our clients live abroad, or who are domiciled abroad, and so you can be rest assured we are familiar with the complexities of tax in this area. 

To give some idea of our range of services please see below, however our website does not cover the full range and it is worth contacting us about individual requirements.

We have a wide range of reference sources and access to specialist advice in difficult or unusual cases. Needless to say, we try not to carry out unnecessary work where the cost in fees will outweigh any saving in tax.

Bryars & Co. Chartered Accountants offer tax services which cover:

Business Tax

  • Personal, partnership and corporation tax returns.
  • Should I form a company?
  • Minimization of tax liabilities by planning. We always review client’s affairs when preparing returns, but deeper or specific reviews can be carried out.
  • Preparation of VAT returns. This ensures that the returns agree to your accounts.
  • Preparation of other returns, such as P11D forms for expenses.
  • Share valuations for capital gains, inheritance tax or issues of shares to employees.

Personal Tax

  • Annual tax returns. We calculate the tax liabilities and advise you how much tax is payable and when. We try to reduce payments where possible, for example when income is reducing. We provide a copy of the return and supporting schedules showing how the figures are comprised.
  • Preparing tax repayment claims.
  • Calculating capital gains and losses. We advise clients how to minimize liabilities by a variety of reliefs, which are available. However, we believe strongly that commercial considerations should generally take precedence over tax planning; we have seen many cases where a desire to defer or save tax has resulted in large monetary losses being made.
  • Income from property letting. It may be possible to obtain surprisingly low capital gains tax Liabilities for properties, which have been let when you previously lived there.
  • UK tax for individuals who are resident or domiciled abroad. We have considerable experience in this area.
  • Trust and estate tax returns, including repayment for beneficiaries.
  • On-line filing of tax returns.

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